Tantra & psychic abilities

When choices and decisions come from a place larger than sex,which is a limited place of instinct and drive, it is impossible for women to control men, and man don’t seek to do so either . If women and men resort to these means of manipulation and control, it is because it seems that is no other effective solution to relate to each other.

If men were more likely to show their superior nature and women were more likely to appeal to this part of men, the so-called “war of the sexes” would be over. Like most other wars on the planet, by the way. It is not about giving up sex but raising sexual energy to the higher chakras by combining it to the other energies that make a person whole.

The whole of you is the same magnificence, but whatever is less than the totality of you is not magnificent, so if you want to be assured of producing a choice or a result that is not magnificent, make a decision only from your root chakra, then observe the results, and they are quite predictable. “

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