Meditative touch

The tendency to overvalue the importance of the intellect in order to reach the Awakening to the detriment of the potential of senses, emotions and the body has been rebalanced by the tantrism which testifies that the mind alone does not allow a single access to the knowledge. Pleasure is also one of the primary sources of knowledge.

Touch is a very misunderstood sense. Yet it is the most developed and universal form of communication. Touch stimulates the production of oxytocin and allows to develop strong links with someone and establish a relationship of trust between 2 persons.

Touching is therefore an art that can truly transform beings! Have in mind that it reduces stress hormones in the giver as in the recipient!

I propose you to discover its secrets to blossom in your couple. You will learn the roles of the giver and the receiver, what is happening in this relationship, how your bodies work, how to transform a simple massage into a real moment of happiness. The quality of presence of each of you in this time spent together is essential.

This way of touching is practiced after several hours of meditation. This course is reserved for couples who have participated in Tantric meditations.

To make divine massage !

“Take pleasure in everything. Do not need anything. (…) »