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It is a group in which women and men have the opportunity to express themselves freely about their experiences as well as on all the subjects that concern them: work, marital and family relationships, paternity, maternity, fragility, grief, virility, violence, sexuality, education, conflicts, expression of feelings, health, dreams, projects, creativity, existence meaning etc. With the certainty of being listened to and respected.

I teach the basics of communication in consciousness.

What will it bring you to participate to a circle?

In an atmosphere of openness and confidence, the circle allows everyone to listen and talk about themselves, to think about their lives, to share, humor, skills and experiences, with the aim of developing a positive vision of one´s being, to increase one´s well-being and joy.

Given the pressure of today’s society and its repercussions in the private sphere, the circle constitutes a privileged space in which benevolence, solidarity, understanding and recognition of each as one being on his/her way allow an authentic and free expression. Respect, confidentiality and listening are the basic cements of any circle.

During this circles I propose meditations and a theme, according to the feeling.

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The circle promotes and accompanies a change, a professional or personal evolution. It helps to develop social skills, makes people aware of their needs and programming, increases their ability to express their feelings and emotions. It helps to obtain support during difficult times of life, to seek solutions together, to help each other and to benefit from the experience of others, to manage crises and conflicts in a constructive way, to better understand one another, to assert oneself positively.