Sacred intimacy

Women and men can reach liberation together.

Union yoga enables women and men to find the means to dismantle their conventional self, that is, to experiment emptiness and happiness,with the mind enjoying the unique taste of the absence of grasping, which is impossible for an strong “self”, motivated by the ego.

A course reserved for women exclusively or for men exclusively.

To know one´s partner, the body and the spirit of each one, to flourish in your intimacy.  


Intimacy affects the fragility, the vulnerability of beings.

It is therefore a sensitive subject, often mistreated in a society where everything goes fast and where, among other things, the porn industry and the objection of women (advertising campaign …) distorts the idea that everyone can have of sexuality.

Intimacy is one of the bases of a couple as well. It is essential to learn how to (re)connect with one’s body, understanding functioning, needs as a woman and as a man, what your body tells you !

During these courses, we will discuss, learn to know the body, its acupuncture points, and especially the art of touch and how to reach a rich intimate life.