Hormon yoga therapy

Since 1992 Dinah Rodrigues has been studying menopause in its several aspects – (physiological, psychological, esthetic), and created this technique .

” The physiology of female hormones was the base I used to select asanas and pranayamas. But to reactivate the glands it was necessary to do the asanas dynamically and the pranayamas very strong. But it should be a natural treatment, needing no herbs or medicaments. Hormone Yoga Therapy consists of a series of exercises specific to reactivate hormone production and consequently eliminate the symptoms of low hormones.It acts also preventing diseases caused by the low hormone level, such as osteoporosis and increased predisposition to cardiovascular problems.” Dinah Rodrigues

“The symptoms may appear before menopause when, for some reason the hormone level decreases and they may last years after menopause. Statistically, after age 35, the level of estrogen and progesterone start decreasing and some symptoms may appear: hot flushes, uro-genital dryness, discouragement, anguish, depression, hair loss, dry skin and decreased sexual drive.” Dinah Rodrigues

Please check her website for more information on this natural healthy technique.