Tantra yoga

Practice of Tandava, the “dance of Shiva” – cashmere yoga.

This millenary yoga of the Indus Valley has practically disappeared today. It is based on minimum effort, spontaneous movement, the link to space and emotional fluidity. It is a yoga without postures.

The practice is in 4 parts, it unites the meditative foundation and the movement. During the first phase, the practitioner learns to meditate by letting the body be present in space. In the second phase, the practitioner gently lets the arms unfold in the space around the body that fully participates in the movement. During the third phase, the practitioner stands and begins the sacred dance of Shiva called Tandava. It is a dance of free and very slow movements which gradually relieve all muscular tension and any voluntary movement. During the fourth phase, the net stop of the practice leaves everyone to his feelings.

Open to all.

I propose other Tantric meditations during the lessons.

They are focused on the pineal gland, the twin hearts, the celestial circulation.